Please consider joining us by becoming a member of Saltburn Friends of the Valley Ltd


Your annual membership fee would help greatly towards the costs of continuing with our conservation, enhancement and development of our area of Valley Gardens and ongoing projects.


Whilst we have been granted charitable status and that entitles us to pursue external funding, all of those processes take a long time to progress and unfortunately we are not successful in all of our applications.


This role occupies a lot of the time of our officers, in particular our Secretary who has an enormous task pulling all things together to submit funding applications that will appeal to organisations who are effectively asked to invest in our projects, which in turn means we rely on our volunteers to help turn our aspirations into reality.


We are in need of funding to ensure we are able to maintain the day-to-day running of our projects and your membership fees would help towards those costs. We rely also on the tremendous goodwill shown by businesses and other external organisations and fully appreciate their contribution to our efforts.