About Us

Saltburn Friends of the Valley Ltd is a small local charity which aims to promote the conservation of the fauna and flora of the  local woodlands and valleys to the local public, through events,  practical activities, workshops, and exhibitions. The charity is funded through its membership and donations, grants and bequests.We are a membership organisation and encourage the public to join us .

We manage the Saltburn Woodland Centre with its adjoining gardens with a 25 year lease from the local council. 

 Learning is a lifelong experience and through our work at the Woodlands Centre we encourage this through involvement in a wide range of activities. We run practical activities such as gardening and nature inspired arts and crafts which connect children and adults with the natural environment.

We want people to enjoy nature and to be out in all weathers. Experience it, photograph it; paint it, listen to the bird song; sit still and watch. It is possible to enjoy all this without leaving scars on the landscape such as piles of rubbish and bonfire remains.