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Choose Days Tuesday

Posted on 10th February, 2018

Thank you all for your continued support once again, we are so pleased that you continue to support us.


We have a small management committee who put together our events programme.  The aim is to involve as many from the community as possible in our beautiful surroundings.  If you think of anything you would like including in this events programme just get in touch, and we will see what we can do.


This year we've been lucky to have been approached by "Whippet Up"  which is small creative group who are going to use the woodland centre each Tuesday in term time so all you beautiful adults out there to become more creative or alternatively just enjoy some company.  Sounds fantastic the first session is 20th February 2018.   For more details see our events page.


We hope to see you there!

Co-op Community Fund

Posted on 21st May, 2017


Thought I better post about this as not sure you are all aware but we have been sucessful in a bid to the co-op community fund!  Yipee! 


Our secretary Ingrid tirelessly works on applying for grants and funding to help us maintain, involve and improve the area for you our visitors.  As you all know we are funded by your generous donations and any grants that we are sucessful in obtaining.


We have been completely blown away and are very humbled by the support that you guys have shown us in the past, especially with the recent vandalism.  Which I know you will all glad to know we are on with the repairs, and now having a flushing toilet.  No fixed door yet :), but you can still spend a penny in private, PHEW!


Oh back to the point of this post oops.


As mentioned before we have been sucessful in our bid to Co-op community fund.  The cause called 'Woodlands Gateways'.  The reason for the bid is there are four gates decorated with flora and fauna in situ either end of a pathway that provides access to the Woodland Centre, the garden and the woodlands. These 4 metres high gates were built by a local artist in the 1990s and used to signify the joining up of the Tees valley wide Cleveland Forest. Opened by David Bellamy these magnificent gates have now lost their function with the demise of the Cleveland forest plan, and we want to bring them back into public awareness with this project. The artist will involve local families in workshops re the return of the gates, and this will help Saltburn Friends of the Valley to develop its role in the community. 


We hope that by the end of the project that the gates will once again stand proud, and open and close obviously and be a delight for everyone to see.  Please please consider supporting our cause.


Many Thanks and much love as always Jo x


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Easter Egg-stravaganza Raffle/ Tombola

Posted on 17th April, 2017

Thank you all for supporting our charity.


We were super eggsited about today, we hope you all had the most eggsellent time!


We love to see you all.  The moment you've been waiting for the results of the Tombola are as follows:

Owen Galacher

Malteser Egg

Elise Gillies

Sainsbury’s Rainbow button eggs

Jenny Cooke

Sainsbury’s Easter Egg

Belle Kett

Sainsbury’s Easter Egg

Harriet Wilson

Sainsbury’s Easter Egg

Lauren Nicholson

Sainsbury’s Easter Egg

Max Martin

Sainsbury’s Easter Egg

Maddie Storr

Sainsbury’s Rainbow button eggs

Joshua Carman

Sainsbury’s Easter Egg

Xander Martin

Smarties Egg

Alisha Whiteside

Malteser Egg

Rosie Kett

Hero Easter Egg

Phoebe Haigh

Bunny Rabbit

Llloyd Johnson

Malteser Egg


Hero Easter Egg


Sainsbury’s Easter Egg

Discovering Saltburn's smaller mammals

Posted on 3rd August, 2016

Us volunteers at ' Saltburn Friends of the Valley' are pretty excited.  We hope you will be too!


The wonderful Tees Valley Wildlife Trust will be running a one day event at the woodlands centre, aptly named  'Saltburn Mammal Workshop'. 


This is workshop is for people adults and children alike who would like to know more about the smaller mammals found in saltburn.  It will give you an opportunity to learn how to record sightings of the these wonderful creatures, but also spot the field signs of their presence.


The workshop commences at 9am at woodlands centre, Saturday  24th September 2016, and will run until 15:30.  The Wildlife trust recommends you book your place as there are limited places.  There is a charge of £2, to reserve a place call: 01287 636382 alternatively email:


The workshop will begin by checking the survey traps, which will have been set the night before by a mammal expert.  This means hopefully seeing some of our smaller inhabitants at close quarters.  Showing you how to handle the animals carefully and safely before releasing them back into the wild.


The workshop will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities, and is funded by the 'Where the Wild Things Were' project funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and Northumbrian Water.  As part of this important project you will be asked to help monitor the smaller mammals in Saltburn, over the next few months.  This will give valuable information regarding local wildlife. 


The trust are hoping to follow up this workshop with a series of follow up activities.


So if this for you, or you know someone who would enjoy this event why not book them on  the workshop.


by phoning 01287 636382 or email


Check out their website


Thanks to the article in TOTTS

We need you!

Posted on 27th July, 2016

Ever thought of volunteering, why not join us.  We are in need of volunteers to help out in many ways.  Please get in touch if you feel you could spare some time no matter how small.

We are very excited to announce that this summer holidays we will be opening the centre for a least 3 days a week.  The first we've managed it .  So why not pop in and see us, have some fun and explore. See what's happening we would love to meet you all, in our beautiful tranquil setting.  Hope to see you soon.




Posted on 20th May, 2016

Hello all, and thank you for taking the time out to look at our new website.  We hope you like it, but please do leave comments if there is anything you think we can improve on.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Many thanks