We are small group of committed volunteers who want to conserve the best of our heritage. We are losing species at an alarming rate due to population pressure and past ignorance. Earth’s resources are not limitless. We now realise the crucial role played by all of the natural world in maintaining a healthy planet for all to live in. We need strong interventions to halt the decline.Habitats such as woodlands and wild flower meadows need a helping hand. In the past woods were a resource for building, and meadows were managed by animals grazing for part of the year which fertilised the ground. We are working to enhance our rare sites such as the viaduct meadow.Learning is a lifelong experience and through our work at the Woodlands Centre we will encourage this through involvement in a wide range of activities. We plan to run practical activities such as gardening and nature inspired arts and crafts which will connect children and adults with the natural environment.
We want people to enjoy nature; to be out in all weathers whether the beck is churning with brown flood water after heavy rain, or the sun is filtering through fresh spring leaves. Experience it, photograph it; paint it, listen to the bird song; sit still and watch. It is possible to enjoy all this without leaving scars on the landscape such as piles of rubbish and bonfire remains.
We aim to inspire people to discover the wonder and beauty of the natural world and to understand its fragility and delicate balance. We will provide information on conservation and events that will introduce people to the woodlands and to the challenges in sustaining biodiversity.